The world’s first MLS using blockchain technology – Launching in the UK in September 2020

Following from multiple requests from the market the UKMLS powered by OpenBrix is due to officially launch this September.

Thanks to technology innovations such as the blockchain agents will now be able to connect online and setup their own bespoke networks, agree commission structures, marketing rights and of course each agreement is immutable and transparent, ultimately enabling agents to proactively work for both buyers and tenants collaboratively.

In today’s variable market conditions we need to collaborate and work together, whether you are an agent short on supply or short on demand, now is the time to join the MLS!

To pre-register your interest in the UK MLS please complete the form below:

What Is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

An MLS is a formed by cooperating Estate and Letting Agents to provide data about properties for sale or let, furthermore the MLS will allow agents to see one another's listings of properties for sale with the goal of connecting homebuyers to sellers. Under this arrangement, both the listing and selling/letting agent benefit by consolidating and sharing information, and by sharing commissions.

  • The UKMLS will allow agents to choose the level of sharing. From the Whole MLS to an agents own chosen network MLS or a bespoke MLS of their choosing. Upon registering, the agents will get the facility to set up the levels of commission to the whole network or bespoke level and also the same with marketing rights.

  • The UKMLS will allow agents to see one another's listings of properties for sale, subject to the level of sharing the Primary Agent has chosen, with the goal of connecting homebuyers to sellers and tenants to landlords.

  • The UK MLS will help agents to connect by consolidating and sharing information while also sharing commissions.

  • With the UK MLS, the information is consolidated rather than fragmented. A multiple listing service allows competing agents to work together toward a common goal of helping buyers and tenants find their desired properties and helping vendors and Landlords to sell or let their properties.

The UKMLS, conceived by agents, designed by agents, for use by agents – Delivered and Powered by OpenBrix.